1. Everyday countless souls wake-up, move, work, move and then end the day, only to repeat it again tomorrow. In the process we get immersed in the wheels of life. (Photo: Bhaktapur Durbar Square, Nepal)
  2. For happiness we seek answers from the supernatural, the ‘God’ as we say. Our faith is so profound that we end up asking questions in temples and ‘buildings’. But can God, ever be contained in four walls? Can it have a definite form. It could just be anything or a 1litre dairy can. (Muktinath, Mustang, Nepal)
  3. And as we take appointments with God, we try to pause time, as and when possible. (Prayer timings at Jame Masjid, Kathmandu)
  4. But can we really stop or pause time? Is time not in a continuum? (Brooklyn Bridge, New York City, USA)
  5. These questions are complex. But can we escape? Is this quest deserting our existence? Are we abandoning ourselves? (Chhosher, Mustang, Nepal)
  6. We got to find a way out. There should be a door, which is always open to us! (Chhosher, Mustang, Nepal)
  7. The door will take us to the end of the world, where peace, solitude and happiness exists; where the violins of acceptance play the blues. (Chhosher, Mustang, Nepal)
  8. The surge is horrendous. (Basantapur, Kathmandu)
  9. In the process we go through countless emotions, ripples by ripples. (Dhumba Lake, Jomsong)
  10. And we end up being a ‘unique’ lunatic in our ‘Yatra’. (Varanasi, India)
  11. At the end, there is ‘Moksha’, where happiness, peace, silence voices. (Janakpur, Nepal)