My name is Kaushal R. Sapkota,
and I’m a photographer.

Kaushal Sapkota is a graduate student of nonprofit management at the University of Oregon, USA. Before moving to the US, he worked as a high school educator and communications/brand consultant in Nepal. He is interested in nonprofit brand development and communications, governance policies, innovative fundraising, monitoring and evaluation, impact investing and social entrepreneurship.

An education enthusiast, Kaushal is interested in equity, diversity and inclusion in education, “community as a curriculum” (connecting communities and curriculum together), service learning and access to education.

He is a photographer and a digital storyteller by passion, with formal training and experience in documentary and travel photography. Yatri, an independent fundraising exhibition series initiated by Kaushal, raised over 2,500 USD to support earthquake survivors of Gorkha in 2015 and more than 2,000 USD to fund cataract surgeries of over 120 adults in 2017.  

He is currently serving in the Board of SEBS North America, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization based in Virginia. He can be reached at

My Works

01 Purgatory Strangulation – Moksha

Everyday countless souls wake-up, mo...